Spirit Form

Last night I visited myself in spirit form…

Lying in a bed of clouds, surrounded by grassy green earth

Spirit looked down on me and laughed for taking earthly matters so seriously.


Streams of Consciousness

Every morning when I wake, My brain is flooded by several different streams of thought-past, present, and future. It leaves me feeling anxious as I try to push unwanted thought forms away and be Present minded.

Last night I had a vivid dream filled with colors, shapes, and dialogues between different people.

Normally, I wake from these types of dreams feeling flustered and confused, But This morning felt different.

For the last few weeks, I have been focusing on building intuitive wellness through mindfulness and meditation.

This morning, I actually felt a smooth subtle shift as I transitioned from unconscious to conscious. It was like I could feel the dream saying goodbye and my body telling me to open my eyes.

I woke up with a light, peaceful energy instead of heavy anxiety.

The best part is, I woke up with a knowing that I can control my streams of consciousness by visualizing my thoughts as different streams of consciousness and then focusing my energy on following only one stream.

Already I feel more light and free as I make time for my mental and emotional wellness. This is only the beginning.

Enough is Enough!

This week was full of reflections and revelations that helped me to recognize the source of my stress and frustration with my life.

For my entire adult life I have worked, studied, trained, and performed without ever feeling truly satisfied. I always seemed to need more money and more time to fulfill my never ending list of goals.

No matter how busy and stressed, I always felt that I needed to do more professionally, creatively, and personally.

6 months ago, I came to NY with this same attitude. I jumped in head first working 2 jobs, going back to school, constantly moving without permanent housing, trying to make time for dance, and struggling to maintain a relationship.

Needless to say after about 3 months of this madness, I was burnt out, bitter, and disappointed that things turned out nothing like I had imagined.

2 months later, I am living in a homeless shelter. I have decided to focus on one part time job, and my priority is to finish school in Spring. My relationship finally ended after we were both forced to admit that it had become toxic and emotionally draining.

Now that I have slowed down, My mind finally has clarity to see the truth about myself and my decisions. Here are the major lessons I learned.

There has to be a such thing as Enough. (Yogi Principle)

Stop pushing yourself to do more than you can without stress.

An excessive mindset keeps you from being grateful for what you already have.

Eliminate excessiveness and prioritize the essentials..

You don’t have to do more or be more to live your dreams. Learn to work with what you have right here and right now.

Self Love Practice

I panicked.

I resisted, pleaded

I cried, I whined, threw my pity party and then…

I prayed, I danced, I sang, I breathed,

I spoke Life and believed.

I pushed through, I studied, I slept

I waited and then

The surprising moment came…

I’m Ok. 😊

I don’t know why heartache is always my catalyst back into creativity, Self Love, and Healing.

When I’m in it, it feels like I’ll never be able to endure the pain,

I’ll never bounce back or be the same,

But the process gets easier every time.

Life. Love. Lessons

Lessons I’m still learning about myself, relationships, and love…

Loving someone does not mean controlling their actions or decisions.

Love is not judgmental, but accepting of flaws and weakness.

Committing to someone means committing to them exactly as they are right now.

Love is stronger than Emotions…emotions are superficial, constantly changing. True Love is constant.

Learn to take control of your own weaknesses instead of focusing on other people’s.

Self Love and Improvement must come from the Inside first! What good is a beautiful body when your soul is full of ugliness??

Returning to NYC

Since I came home, not one person has encouraged me to return to NY to finish what I started. All I’ve received from my friends are warnings, concerned questions, and suggestions to take the safe route.

“Why don’t you transfer to a local school?”

“Why don’t you stay here and save more money?”

People think I am ruining my life. They don’t understand that I had no life here…I had a miserable, underpaying job. I had a car, lived in a nice home, and even performed locally but I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t being Me. I wasn’t living up to my potential. I was living a nice, safe life far from where I wanted to be.

Even though I’m not financially stable, I don’t regret any part of my decision to move to NY. It’s not easy, but I am accomplishing more than I thought I could. I met the Love of my life, I’m attending Columbia University, and I’m on the right path to Living my Dreams.

I choose not to listen to the Fearful voices around me.

 I have no regrets. I will Trust more and Fear Less.


I Trust God.

I trust my Journey.

I trust myself and my natural abilities.

I already have everything I need to be successful.

Whatever I don’t have will be provided to me.

I trust the Universe and the Law of Attraction .

Everything that is meant for me will come to me in time.