NYC Journey-Reflections

I’ve learned a lot about myself during my NYC journey. I definitely need to work on my Patience and pacing myself to achieve One Goal at a time.

I need to let go of the pride and stubbornness that keeps me from connecting with people and receiving help from people who care.

I realize that it is my Own Mentality that limits me. I have to learn to accept my reality without feeling defeated when things are harder than expected.

When life feels stressful and overwhelming, I need to stop, regroup and Rebalance.

Make it a Daily Goal to remember who you want to be…Loving, Peaceful, Joyful, Forgiving, and Accepting.


Shenise G.


SouL Balance

3ad7a29f9eab2c8e912fd5d764de58f3Today I find myself battling thoughts of depression and a lingering sense of numbness and emptiness. Today I don’t feel connected to my soul. I can’t feel anything. I feel like I’m in survival mode. My only focus is school work, money, bills, housing. It’s like my emotions have turned themselves off.

How Do I defeat this and get back to being myself?

Remember to Feed Your Soul

Speak Life and Believe…

I am a positive, powerful person.

I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I attract positive people and situations.

I am capable of enjoying myself and expressing myself.

I am NOT Broken. I have become unbalanced and it’s up to me to realign myself.


Exploring Consciousness

“Explorers in Consciousness must have faith to go beyond their known world, Believing that other levels of life will be there waiting for them.” (Chakras for Beginners~ David Pond)

 Today started to feel discouraging with tuition bills and NY rent due at the same time. From the physical view, it doesn’t appear that I will have the resources to move forward here successfully, But I have to remain focused on maintaining an Attitude of Abundance. I already have everything I need to be successful in Life. I just have to allow it to Manifest.

Peace, Love, Happiness

Shenise G. 

Dealing with Loneliness

There are different kinds of loneliness…The kind you feel after being rejected or abandoned…

The kind you feel in public, surrounded by people you don’t fit in with…

The kind you feel when you miss someone you love…
The kind you feel watching couples and wondering if that will ever be you…
The kind you feel when you just want a friend to talk to…

Through the years I’ve learned to accept these feelings that come and go. I’ve learned to appreciate the peacefulness in solitude and a drama free life.
To me, it’s better to be alone than to be mixed up in toxic, dysfunctional relationships that only drag you down.
I know that I am never alone because of the spirit that lives inside me.
I understand that relationships come in seasons and they take time to build.
Each day I try to open my mind and heart to new possibilities. 

The enery I create is the Energy I receive.

I attract positive people and situations.

Time to Move on

I’m tired of walking down One way streets.

I’m tired of waiting for my opportunity,

I have to make my own way.

Day to day life is getting harder.Without a daily purpose, it’s like time is standing still. I feel so empty. There’s nothing left to work towards here, nothing left to look forward to. 

So why am I still here?

Prayer and meditation helps me to deal with these emotions But it cannot change my life. I have to do that by changing my environment.

I’ve gotten too comfortable with living like this…Swallowing my feelings and accepting that this is just the way my life is. I’m not happy, I’m Just trying to be content.

But it’s not working anymore.

I’m at the point where it’s hard to get out of bed and keep facing the same reality. I know it’s time to move on.

Chasing Desire-Chakra Balance

When I feel frustrated, restless, lonely, and unsatisfied, What is it that I’m searching for?

“There is a hunger in the Second Chakra that can easily become insatiable until you learn how to enter into the experience, not just the chase of enjoyment (Pond 34)

 Magnetism-What attracts you? What repels you?

I am attracted to inner beauty, spirituality, creativity, honesty, intelligence,Image result for chakras for beginners

I am repelled by overly sexual people/situations



I desire…meaningful connections(mind, body and soul) sensual experiences, free and creative expression, a challenging, inspiring and creative environment


When do I feel balanced/fulfilled? 

Where there is Energy, Inspiration, Connection, and Expression.

Being physically active and creative-dance,  yoga, writing, music


In nature-water, earth, fire, air

How can I keep my Sacral(Pleasure) Chakra in balance?

“Focus more on pleasure rather than the pursuit of pleasure. Stay fully conscious and mindful during the experience (Chakras for Beginners-David Pond 35).”

sacral chakra