Time to Move on

I’m tired of walking down One way streets.

I’m tired of waiting for my opportunity,

I have to make my own way.

Day to day life is getting harder.Without a daily purpose, it’s like time is standing still. I feel so empty. There’s nothing left to work towards here, nothing left to look forward to. 

So why am I still here?

Prayer and meditation helps me to deal with these emotions But it cannot change my life. I have to do that by changing my environment.

I’ve gotten too comfortable with living like this…Swallowing my feelings and accepting that this is just the way my life is. I’m not happy, I’m Just trying to be content.

But it’s not working anymore.

I’m at the point where it’s hard to get out of bed and keep facing the same reality. I know it’s time to move on.

Chasing Desire-Chakra Balance

When I feel frustrated, restless, lonely, and unsatisfied, What is it that I’m searching for?

“There is a hunger in the Second Chakra that can easily become insatiable until you learn how to enter into the experience, not just the chase of enjoyment (Pond 34)

 Magnetism-What attracts you? What repels you?

I am attracted to inner beauty, spirituality, creativity, honesty, intelligence,Image result for chakras for beginners

I am repelled by overly sexual people/situations



I desire…meaningful connections(mind, body and soul) sensual experiences, free and creative expression, a challenging, inspiring and creative environment


When do I feel balanced/fulfilled? 

Where there is Energy, Inspiration, Connection, and Expression.

Being physically active and creative-dance,  yoga, writing, music


In nature-water, earth, fire, air

How can I keep my Sacral(Pleasure) Chakra in balance?

“Focus more on pleasure rather than the pursuit of pleasure. Stay fully conscious and mindful during the experience (Chakras for Beginners-David Pond 35).”

sacral chakra

Spiritual Warrior

Who is Shenise G?

When your soul starts to feel weary, Remember it’s never been easy…And it never will be.

But you are a Spiritual Warrior. To get where you are, you had to fight for your Dreams, Your Identity, and your Sanity.

You must continue fighting for your Peace, for Your happiness, and for your Destiny.

Stay Alert and Keep a Sober Mind! Keep your 3rd eye open, There are snakes in the grass. Distractions are everywhere-Fatigue and stress will make you feel there is no hope. You must stay connected with your Spiritual Energy. Then you will know that it is possible to achieve all your Dreams.

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Spiritual Destiny pt. 1

You cannot separate your spiritual destiny from your physical journey. Everything is connected.

I am more than my physical appearance. I am more than the abilities you see on the outside. I am a spiritual being living inside a physical body. All that I am is because of the Spirit that lives within me. 

My purpose is not to just be successful in the physical world. My  greater purpose is to live through each of these dimensions-Mind, Body, and Spirit by finding balance and harmony  in all that I do.

My Spiritual Destiny is to transcend  the physical limitations of race, gender, culture, religion, social class, and location.

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Mind over Matter

Recently in dance class and auditions, I’ve felt my attitude changing for the worse. I have to check in with myself and get down to what’s holding me back. I realize that It is not a physical battle. The battle is my mind and emotions pulling me down with negative thoughts of shame, anger, tension, and frustration. How can I overcome this?

My mind and spirit must be UNbreakable and UnBendable no matter how I feel.

I cannot give in to negativity. No more giving up mentally. I know I have power to do Anything I set my mind to.

I must Balance my Mental energy to remain focused and Positive. Trust in my  Spiritual Source and the power within me.

Affirm-I am strong, I am Powerful, I am talented, I am Capable, I am Confident, I am Calm. I can do All things through Christ my strength. (Phil 4:16)