Mind over Matter

Recently in dance class and auditions, I’ve felt my attitude changing for the worse. I have to check in with myself and get down to what’s holding me back. I realize that It is not a physical battle. The battle is my mind and emotions pulling me down with negative thoughts of shame, anger, tension, and frustration. How can I overcome this?

My mind and spirit must be UNbreakable and UnBendable no matter how I feel.

I cannot give in to negativity. No more giving up mentally. I know I have power to do Anything I set my mind to.

I must Balance my Mental energy to remain focused and Positive. Trust in my  Spiritual Source and the power within me.

Affirm-I am strong, I am Powerful, I am talented, I am Capable, I am Confident, I am Calm. I can do All things through Christ my strength. (Phil 4:16)


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