Perspective Shift-Possibilities ONLY!

imageMany times as we’re facing new goals and situations, we are still holding on to limiting beliefs deep down. ..”I don’ t have the right body, the right skills, the right look, or the right age”…etc . But, in order to move forward and reach your greatest potential, you have to let go of your limiting beliefs. 

As a teacher and performer, I have noticed the difference in my perspective when I am teaching others versus teaching myself to do something new. As a dance teacher, all I see is people full of potential. I don’t focus on my student’s lack of skill/experience or shortcomings. I know that if they use their skills to the best of their ability, they can learn anything. When it comes to myself, I notice that I am constantly over-analyzing(doubting) myself, not my talent, but my ability to do the things I see other professional performers do. Sometimes I get stuck in feeling like I’m not the right color of age and that I lack the technique to make it as a professional dancer.


As I’m pursuing my goals, I realize that I constantly have to Challenge myself to Let go of Limiting Beliefs!

I have to train my mind to focus on the Possibilities, not the Obstacles!

I am the right size, the right age, and the right color.  Right now, I Have the same opportunities as anyone else, and it is up to me to make the most of them. Although I am still seeking opportunities, I am n0t just wanting or trying to be, I already am a Professional!  Remember, the years of dedication and training it took to get here and remind yourself that this is only the beginning of your Journey!


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