Artist Perspective-Success and Dreams

What is my idea of success? How do I attain it?

☮ American Hippie ☮  Something of yourself:

My biggest goal in life is to live a life full of love, joy, and peace as I live my purpose on this Earth. I want to build a successful career as a performing artist, but I also want to connect and inspire people by telling my story. In my soul, I know that both of these parts are connected to form a bigger picture, but in my mind, I feel overwhelmed by trying to develop both areas at the same time.

Success as a Person

 Creating a name for myself,  being able to travel and support myself, having the money, time, and energy for all of things I love

Success as an Artist

Using art to tell my story, connect, inspire, and uplift others

Using every artistic element- song, dance, acting,and  writing  to create a complete concept with a message.

Building a career in musical theater-dancing, singing, and acting  but also as a music artist-original poetry, song, and dance

Part of me feels that I need to attain a certain level of success before telling my story. Is it because I feel that no one will be interested in my story if I tell it? Is it because I’m too focused on my present goal, creating the life of my dreams, to go back and put energy in the past? Right now, it is necessary to be present minded as I plan for my future. Every day I feel an overwhelming desire to move on from where I am.

How do I handle the challenge of finding balance between these two worlds,  embracing the journey, and sharing my story?

Is it possible to do it all at the same time?

As you focus on moving forward in your career, continue to create and voice your own story. Remember, your story is important because it’s what makes you who you are. Your story is your voice and muse.

Take advantage of every artistic opportunity that comes. Don’t limit yourself to any one area.

Continue professional training as a performer while developing your own personal brand as an artist. 

Continue to write from both perspectives-as a professional performer and teacher learning to balance work,  training, performing, auditioning, and networking while also embracing  your own personal, creative, and spiritual journey.

Remember that every part of you, every part of your journey, and every part of life is meant to be connected.


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