Your Daily Walk-Trust

mindful att.

I admit I have a hard time trusting God. I try not worry about my life, but Its hard for me to not be in control. I feel like the only way that something is going to happen in my life is if I make it happen. Does trusting God mean waiting for things to happen in God’s timing? Or does it mean stepping out on faith and believing that things will work out?

I admit that I have a hard time trusting myself. Mostly in relationships and as a performer. It’s hard to step up to the front of the class and be the leader. I doubt myself. Even when I’m right, I still look at the person beside me to make sure.

In relationships, I don’t trust my emotions or judgment because of my  past. If I have feelings for someone, I usually won’t act. When I do, it ends up ruined.  I don’t trust myself to be in a functional relationship.


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