Sacrifice Leads to Victory

Discipline means sacrifice….but It leads to Victory!

Discipline is sacrificing the things you want for the things you NEED.  For me, it  means that I cannot go out with my friends when I need to practice. It means saving money when I want to spend, and it  means giving up friendships and relationships so that I can stay focused on my goals.

Ideen für #Yoga #Übungen und #Stellungen zur Inspiration mit

Sometimes I get frustrated with all the structure from day to day, and I start to feel like I need a break from all the responsibilities in my life. Then  I have to remind myself that I asked for This! In the beginning of this year, I asked for increase in creative and professional opportunities, and I definitely received it.

It sounds tough, but You don’t get a Break when you’re working for your Big Break! I’m asking for BIG things in my life so I need to be able to handle ALL  of the responsibilities that come with it! It’s not an easy life, but it is worth it to see your own growth and Success!



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