Dream Life vs. Real Life

“Lately there’s only one thing on my mind…Living on my own and leaving my old life behind. But Until I reach the next level of success, I remain here and remember I’m still blessed.” Shenise G.

Reflecting on my goals and priorities,  I realize that I cannot take on all of my artistic goals at the same time. Right now I’m working full time, teaching dance part time, and rehearsing for 2 upcoming shows. I’m also preparing to audition for a professional dance role this spring.  At the same time, I really want to start making a name for myself as a music artist. I want to start performing at open mics and spend more time writing music. However, investing in music the right way will require more time and money, which I’m already short on.

My plan was to use the money from my second job to start investing in music supplies. However, a couple days ago I had a reality check when my family  made it clear that I need to start looking for my own place. I have to make a decision.

 I’m still learning to balance my time and money so that I can take care of my needs and  also invest in my dreams. As an aspiring artist, there’s just so much  I want to do right now, but I see that I cannot do it all at once. Needs have to come first-paying bills, saving for an apartment, having money left to live comfortably.

Before I add to my lists of wants, I know I need to be Thankful for all that I already have. In addition to a full time and part time job, I have a car that’s almost paid off and a nice place to live , even though it’s not my own. I also have an abundance of performance opportunities in front of me this year. I may not have everything I want right now, but I’m still extremely Blessed to be where I am. Every day, I continue to remind myself to Trust the Process.  Everything that’s meant for me will come in its right time. 



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