Patience and Diligence

“Nothing is Immediate. Trust the Process”

 I am a restless soul, I’m like the wind, constantly shifting directions with  new inspiration, but in order to reach this long term goal, I have to be like a Tree and Grow where I am planted.Don't rush anything

My passion drives me. As a dancer/choreographer/instructor, singer, actress, writer, and aspiring music artist, I have many different ideas for each of my creative outlets. My challenge is that I am impatient. Because I have so many goals, I get anxious about completing them all.  When I’m working on a project,  I get frustrated when it doesn’t come together quickly. I’m so anxious to perform, I feel like I don’t have time to move slow or wait for things to come together.For example, this week I am performing one of my own dances with my partner for an upcoming event. I had already created the dance, but I got so frustrated with my partner when she was asking me to break down every move with the music for each part. I just wanted to hurry up and practice so we could perform and move on.

After talking with her, I realized that she made a great point. It takes Patience and Diligence to do things successfully and not just quickly.  My long term goal is to be a Broadway performer in  NYC, where almost everyone has the same skill set as me.Instead of trying to rush into this , I need to first build a solid foundation as a professional performer locally before I can expect success in a seriously competitive environment. It won’t be easy, but I have to learn to be Patient and trust that where I am is where I am  supposed to be right now. I need to be Diligent and push myself to grow as much as possible before taking it to the next level.

Patience and Trust:


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