Just Do it!

“Always waiting for something good to find you, but if it don’t come what are you gon do? “-Walking Shoes, Mali Music.

I used to always feel like I needed to wait for something to happen before I could move forward with my ideas…wait for the perfect time and opportunity, wait until you have more confidence, more money, more followers, etc.There’s always a reason to feel like you’re not ready for the next level.


But lately I’ve been feeling like I cannot wait any longer! The revelation has Come, “GO FOR IT ALREADY!”

Stop waiting! If you have made up your mind to do something, just do it.

Stop waiting for the “ideal” opportunity.

Stop waiting for people to join you.

Stop over-thinking the outcome and changing the plan.

I am 25 years old and I have so many dreams to accomplish. Within the next few years I want to be a full time performer.It’s up to me to make this dream into reality. I have to  start taking the necessary steps towards fulfilling my goal. From now on when I have a vision to create something, I will plan out the steps I need to take to accomplish it and SET A DEADLINE to complete it. I will challenge myself to stick with one project until it is finished.

I cannot afford to waste any more time wrestling with fear and self-doubt. My time is Now! Stop over-thinking, stop making excuses and JUST DO IT!


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