That Thing

The thing that keeps you up all night, that thing  you think about all the time, that thing you can do even in your sleep… that’s the thing you must do. That vision inside of you is your purpose. Once you grasp it, hold on to it and never let it go. Fight for it through the fear, doubt and insecurity. That thing that has been placed inside of you for a reason. No one else on this earth can do that thing exactly the way that you can.

Stop looking for others to affirm you and be confident in all of your abilities. Let go of self defeating patterns of perfectionism and procrastination. Forget about how impossible it looks from the outside. Stay focused on your vision. Write it down, dream it, speak it and believe it until it comes to existence. Keep working towards it every single day. You are not here on accident. You were not put on this Earth just to live a mediocre life and die. There is a reason for your existence. You were created for this purpose. Hope this encourages someone!



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